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hello, all. i was looking for a group, and this one seems to be the most active. (it was only once i joined that i saw there were so many other groups people are cross-posting to! this is great!)
my name is Addy, and i have fistulizing crohn's disease. i've had it since i was ten, but i was formally diagnosed at 23 during a particularly bad flare. it's been flaring ever seen.
i also have cystic fibrosis.
let's see....
i have been on Remicade in the past, managing over 20 infusions before it became less effective. things seem to have settled (crossed fingers), and i take azathioprine (125mg) to keep it in remission. it seems to work well. i'm also on TB medications for an ongoing MAC lung infection, so perhaps that is having an effect on my current state.

it was a frightening experience to have that first Remicade infusion, and experience the utter silence of a painless body.

my GI guy (lovely man) has suggested to me that i might be able to try Humira if it flares again. i have no experience with it, so i was curious as to what people had to say about it. i know it's self-injecting, and i know it's said to work "better" with humans. what's the verdict?

(i usually write in a dreamwidth journal, which i crosspost into my regular journal, when talking about medical issues. i know i can't use it to crosspost into here, but that doesn't matter. i just thought i'd mention it. :-))

anyhoo. hello!
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