huckleberryem (huckleberryem) wrote in crohns_patients,

Two Questions: Blood in Urine and Crohn's Coincidences

Question #1:

Has anyone experienced blood in their urine either as a complication of Crohn's or a side effect of mesalamine or prednisone?

My liver and kidney functions are fine, there's no infection, and no unusual pain. Doc wants CT scan for kidney stones, but I just had an ultrasound not long ago that didn't show any calcifications.....

Does this mystery sound familiar to anyone?

Question #2:

My dear friend was diagnosed with UC the year before I was diagnosed with Crohn's. We grew up blocks from one another and have been friends since kidhood. We even dated throughout high school. Our diagnosis of sister-dieases was very much a shocker..... but I have continued to hear stories of friends and partners, etc., both being diagnosed with the disease.

I've been thining a lot about these "coincidences." I know there are at several of us in this community who have such stories. I was just wondering if there were more?

Hope today is a good day for everyone. Happy spring.

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