Mithrin (mithrin) wrote in crohns_patients,

Health Insurance

I am graduating from college in a few short weeks. I just got done my last semester of undergrad. Here's my problem. . .

I am thinking of going into the Film Industry, and I need health insurance. My favorite teacher from school told me -after a round of beers- that it is very difficult to get good insurance. He said if he had it he'd be able to fix his knee. He found out about my Crohns, and told me that the best thing he could suggest was looking into a union or something else.

Does anyone have any knowledge in this area? This is super important to me right now. My only solution at the moment is working at a job in television that will give me insurance until I can do what I love. If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd really appreciate it.

Thank you!
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