Mithrin (mithrin) wrote in crohns_patients,

Who else here has successfully quit Remicade forever?


I normally post in here when I am sick, and, to be honest, I feel pretty good. I am due next week for an infusion and I suspect I'll get it in time.

My question to the group is directed to those who have quit Remicade successfully. I tried this once during college and suffered extreme fatigue. My GI wants to switch me from Remicade to a higher dose of azathioprine. This switch is not completely unguided, however. I had a colonoscopy that revealed no signs of inflamation. I also had blood work that revealed me to be in good health.

For years now I have been on 50 MG of Azathioprine, one pill twice a day. My GI switched me to a total of three pills by mouth a day - I cut one pill in half-. He did blood work recently with positive results, so now I am on two pills twice a day. I am tempted to believe I do feel less fatigued then I normally do around this time, however, the fatigue and indegestion is still present to degrees.

Anyways, has anyone made a similar switch? How was it? I very, very, very much want to be done with Remicade. It has been a plague on my life for the last six years. I have had thoughts of living outside of the states. I am sure most of you know the nuisance of trying to do that.

Please, be open about this. The long term affects of Remicade worry me, and I do not want to be trapped on it for forever.
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